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Doing our thing

Doing our thing

Below are a number of articles, published papers and video recordings containing information that you may find interesting.


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Bullet From A Gun  – Audio  – Poster

Hand Grenade  – Audio Poster


War against the killers we face at work – article from The New Zealand Herald Nov 3, 2013

When there is no cure – prevention is essential – article from Awareness Today, Summer 2011

Chemical exposure deaths: An unacceptable tragedy – article by Dr Simon Buckland, Compliance Coordination Manager, ERMA New Zealand

Compensation over vineyard spray – news release,

Disturbances in brain circuitry linked to chronic solvent exposure

Carcinogens, Mutagens and substances toxic to reproduction – report from the University of Bristol

Formaldehyde linked to cancer death – news release

Change to white spirits/mineral turpetine – memo from the ASCC

Chemical Attack – respirator filter information

Safety Concerns in the Autobody Shop – OTCA Factsheet

Call to publicise solvent risks – SafeGuard update (see page 2, #3)

Health Problems on the Job – construction hazards and making the job safer

Substituting Solvent-based Paints – true story from the Chemical Hazards Handbook

Workplace illness results in a conviction and fine – media release from the NZ Department of Labour

Effect of solvent exposure on alcohol consumption – excerpt from the Studies of Solvent exposure website

Breathe easier – from the Resene newsletter

Your job may cause cancer – occupational cancer in New Zealand

Custom wood warning – from The Laminex Group. A division of Fletcher Building Products Ltd

Glove Up Hard Talk – from the Resene newsletter

The Glove Up Story – as supported by the Master Painters

Formaldehyde and blood cancers – a US-based study