Affected Persons Register

A list of people who have registered with Glove Up as being affected by toxins.

Ross Humphries

Age group:  Ross was 56 when he died of chemical poisoning

Location:  Auckland

Position and industry of employment:  Production Supervisor in the Resin department

Solvents exposed to:  The distilling operator for all the resins that were bolied up and he went down into the vats worked 75 hrs a week TOLUENE was one of the main chemicals perchlorethlyene,xyol,IPa, MIBK,acrylic polyner, formeldyhide and anything else that they distill.

Diagnosis:  Ross stated with a rash and started to shake over the 7 years he deteriorated and became a vegetable couldn’t speak walk do anything for himself he died on the 29th march 2011

Other comments:  We one our case with Acc after a long battle and he was diagnosed with Industrial Chemical poisoning. about 5 years before he died. This was a horrible slow death that no one should have to go through he was 56 when he died.We fought with ACC for 3 years endless reviews and consultations with the top specialists in NZ who all agreed it was Chemical poisoning we had a great lawyer Phillip Schmidt he was amazing. We have never been acknowledged by Nuplex and they knew exactly what was going on they kept Ross working even when he was sick and unsafe to be onsite. I would like to also do anything I can to help people and let them no what can happen to them if I can be of help in anyway please let me no. I am Ross;s sister and had power of attorney, I have medical records and photos that would shock the nation .


Age group:  65 – 74

Location:  Christchurch

Position and industry of employment:  Shift Worker, for Resins Manufacture

Solvents exposed to:  Methanol, Urea, Sulphuric Acid, Formic Acid, Phenol, Formaldehyde

Diagnosis:  Suffering Multiple Myeloma since year 2000

Other comments:  I was on sick leave for 14 months before I was told there was no job for me. Have had Chemotheraphy, Radiation treatment, and currently on Thalidomide and Morphine.

Tony Gibson

Age group:  55 – 64

Location:  Christchurch

Position and industry of employment:  Painter

Solvents exposed to:  Isocyanates

Diagnosis:  Neurotoxicity