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August 2010

Even after 6 years it still saddens me that I have had to come to the conclusion that there has not been enough change to people’s or their employer’s attitudes to helping themselves when it comes to safe work place practices surrounding the use of carcinogenic materials. Just today I heard of a floor sander that I have worked with over many years who is dying of cancer.

I tried to warn him of the dangers some 3 years ago and of the necessary steps that needed to be taken to help keep himself from harm in his working environment. It saddens me that he just did not take it on board – he, like so many others think they are bullet proof. They think this because they just are not made aware of the extreme seriousness of not protecting themselves. How more extreme can death and disablement be?

We spend thousands of dollars on policies that pay us for death and disablement, we put a seatbelt on each time we get in the car, but for some reasons we seem to want to ignore the terrible impact that workplace materials and practices can have on our lives.
In my opinion I believe that the ACC are doing their best. However my question is this, is it simply that ACC have taken away any right for any litigation against their employers? Or is the information just not coming through to the Site Safe people?

The information is available, but in my candid opinion it is perhaps too hard for them to comprehend. To simply rely on the UN number system that is found on all chemicals is to hard. This is good but my point is, 22% of the young people who go through the school system are hard of learning. How are they ever going to down load the UN number to make available the MDS sheet? For me that is simply crazy.

We need a simple pictogram as well as the UN prefix. Maybe after the new structure of the predicted ACC levies are taken into account we all might take this
a lot more serious.

Last week I purchased the same product that was proven to be the cause for my son’s death. You can imagine my horror and disbelief that the product I brought had the very same labeling as it had 5 years ago! Trevor Mallard advised me that the products in question were sold under strict regulation – obviously not! How can a product that kills if not used in the correct manner not have warnings? Not have safety information on how to use it without coming to harm? Who else needs to die before the so called ‘strict regulations’ actually become strict?!

Over the last 3 years we have done 230 plus presentations. I have spoken in every major city in NZ for the Collision Repair Association (CRA) and we have just completed an induction documentary for Site Safe NZ which they say will go to more that 80000 major Industry providers.TV One CLOSEUP have also run a documentary that you can find on our web site

I was told 4 years ago by ACC that the number of ‘Occupational Deaths caused by Work Environments and Toxins’ were predicted in the near future to be bigger than that of sports injuries. This has certainly proved to be true and ERMA are now saying that up to one thousand people are dying in NZ from chemical exposure. It is also disturbing to read the Massey University report (that can be found on our web site) stating that they believe that only 10% are identified as such. This is very scary to say the least. What can we do about this? I am just so completely baffled! We need to be more proactive or many more people are going to die!

We cannot personally do any more, THE ANSWER NOW LIES WITH YOU!